Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whoa! If this is right (it's got tomorrow's date on it), the Anglican Communion is splittin' up

From the Telegraph (United Kingdom, where it's already tomorrow...)

Hat-tip: Transfigurations


ahura said...

Well it's about time. The un-orthodox have done nothing by way of real compromise and have simply delayed to steal more property and make themselves rich on the investments of generations of faithful, orthodox Anglicans.

empty cathedrals are no substitute for a church.

Anonymous said...

Hold yer fire, everybody. All is not quite as it seems. Wait until you read the document. I say again: Keep the powder dry.

TLF+ said...

anonymous - thanks for the sobriety! It is, after all, 80+ pages and there will probably be an array of comments with contingencies for keeping the Communion intact.

That's why I put "If" in the headline.

Anonymous said...

I dig, Father Fountain. The document started popping up last night; having read it, I felt a certain...exuberance...was necessary in the face of the Telegraph's own exuberance. :-)

David Handy+ said...

The Telegraph has probably distorted and exaggerated the significance of this document. I haven't had the chance to read the whole 94 page book or manifesto yet, but I think it's highly unlikely to be a formal declaration of schism at the START of this conference. It seems more likely to be an attempt at jusifying the holding of this unprecedented world conference for orthodox Anglicans, which is inevitably often (mis)interpreted as a rival Lambeth (which is only partly true).

I welcome the production of a major joint statement setting forth the theological foundations on which this Global South led movement is based. Such differentiation and clarity is always a good thing.

TLF+ said...

Amen, David+, differentiation and clarity!

One commenter over at Stand Firm noted he was able to read the whole thing in a sitting, because of its CLARITY!!! (I think the poster called it "very un-Anglican", which is sadly true when one looks at the wordy, obtuse stuff coming out of so many status-quo Anglican sources.)

Continuing to pray for GAFCON... I think that differentiation and clarity are laudable outcomes. I think that God will give even more.

Dan Morehead said...

Regardless, the state of affairs, the lack of unity, is sad.

TLF+ said...

Dan, I would agree. The New Testament does tell us to "weep with those who weep." And the disintegration of the Anglican Communion, which seems likely, should bring tears to eyes that are connected to loving hearts.

At the same time, GAFCON is providing a glimmer of hope that there can be resurrection from the Anglican death. That's a whole lot better than "grieving like those who have no hope."

Christ be with you - your very sadness is the sign of a faitful heart - and he will not leave you desolate.

TLF+ said...

"faithful" heart, of course - excuse the typo