Friday, June 6, 2008

Sioux Falls will be base for attack on Type-1 Diabetes

Sioux Falls based Sanford Health will devote its long anticipated research initiative to the cure of Type One Diabetes. The announcement came today as part of a festive week at Sanford/University of South Dakota Medical Center.

May God bless and prosper the resources given to this work:
ALMIGHTY God, whose loving hand hath given us all that we possess; Grant us grace that we may honour thee with our substance, and remembering the account which we must one day give, may be faithful stewards of thy bounty; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

May God bring forth prayers of thanksgiving as healings are received:
GREAT and mighty God, who bringest down to the grave, and bringest up again; We bless thy wonderful goodness, for having turned our heaviness into joy and our mourning into gladness, by restoring this our brother to some degree of his former health. Blessed be thy Name that thou didst not forsake him in his sickness; but didst visit him with comforts from above; didst support him in patience and submission to thy will; and at last didst send him seasonable relief. Perfect, we beseech thee, this thy mercy towards him; and prosper the means which shall be made use of for his cure: that, being restored to health of body, vigour of mind, and cheerfulness of spirit, he may be able to go to thine house, to offer thee an oblation with great gladness, and to bless thy holy Name for all thy goodness towards him; through Jesus Christ our Saviour, to whom, with thee and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

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David Handy+ said...

Who among us doesn't know someone who struggles with diabetes (whether type 1 or some other kind)? If the research that will be undertaken now by Sanford/USD Medical Center leads to a cure to this common and dreadful disease, what a blessing it would be to so many.

Perhaps Sioux Falls will someday be as well known for the Sanford Center as Rochester, MN is for the Mayo Clinic.

FWIW, my cousin, Tom Braithwaite, MD, a hospitalist at Sanford, is on the board of the medical center again this year. I know it wasn't an easy choice, but now that they've selected what terrible disease to focus on, let's pray that God, the Giver of Life, who was known as "Jehovah Rapha" in the old King James Version of Exodus 15:26, i.e., the God who heals, will mercifully use this new research project to bring healing and restoration of health to the countless peole who suffer from type 1 diabetes.