Sunday, June 22, 2008

UPDATED w/ link to transcript - Archbishop Akinola: Anglican Communion has been "abused and betrayed" by "Instruments of DISunity"

I'm listening to Archbishop Akinola (Nigeria)'s powerful address to the very diverse gathering of global Anglicans in Jerusalem. (The video shows a diversity of race, age and gender that Episcopalians yack about but can only dream of experiencing).

He is taking special aim at leadership failures, pointing out the way that the weak and manipulative Anglican response to North American innovation and apostasy has harmed the whole Christian family.

GAFCON "not a new church" - it is a "rescue mission" - the church must be rescued from "error and apostasy." Orthodox Anglicans are not the ones who "tore the fabric" of the Anglican Communion - the North American revisionists did so despite years of clear warnings. Those attending GAFCON "are Anglican Christians by conviction."

Stand Firm has a transcript of the address here.

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Surrender Orothy said...

God, be with our representatives at GAFCON. Guide them and strengthen them to stand up against the evil one who has taken grip over your Church.

God also be with those attending Niobrara this weekend. That they may see the light, recognizing the poison being served to them.