Thursday, June 12, 2008

AAC Member from Iowa asks prayers in wake of Scout Camp tornado tragedy

By email:

...please add the Little Sioux Scout Camp tragedy to the prayer list...4 fatalities (13-14 year old boys) and 40 or so injuries from this tornado; this is about 10-15 miles from my house; I don't know yet if I knew any of the campers, but I do know most of the local fire/rescue personnel, and I have been to the camp (years ago). Those boys (both campers and rescuers) are going to be dealing with alot of emotional (and physical) fallout from this, not to mention all the reconstruction that will need to take place to rebuild the camp. God bless all the volunteers who showed up immediately with tractors, trucks, chain-saws, etc. to help get those kids out and get them help.

Thank you for your prayers.

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