Saturday, June 14, 2008

OK, you want to be a good steward, but don't want your $$$ wasted... HELP FIGHT THE METH PROBLEM

Hal Perry is one of my parishioners. He serves on the staff of Glory House, a transitional facility for men and women seeking to turn their lives around after prison and/or addiction. Glory House is about to give thanks for 40 years of effective work.

Glory House is poised to expand its ministry to reclaim lives ravaged by Methamphetamine. Did you know:
  • 47% of all women and 39% of all men arrested nationwide are involved in Meth use, distribution or related crime?
  • South Dakota's Department of Corrections budget and its number of imprisoned women have risen to record levels, largely due to Meth?
  • Meth has added to the staggering social problems on South Dakota Indian Reservations?

Glory House will open its new Sands Freedom Center for Methamphetamine treatment in September. In addition, the White Bison Group is going to offer special training on using 12-Step Programs in the Native American culture.

This is a full community effort to bring new life where the enemy is laying waste. If you have abundance, or if you are one of those many folks who wants to give but doesn't trust your TEC church, or if you are in between churches and are looking for a way to be a faithful steward of what God puts in your hands, please consider a generous gift to Glory House. Their giving link is here, or you can mail offerings to:

Glory House

P.O. Box 88145

Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8145


Perpetua said...

"47% of all women and 39% of all men arrested nationwide are involved in Meth use, distribution or related crime?"
Wow!!! This is hard to believe. Do you have a link?

TLF+ said...

Hi, Perpetua, that's from GH's info letter, but they draw their stats from state and national corrections data. Will check w/ my parishioner and try to get a link up once I reach him.

Also, the "related" figure includes violent crimes committed while on meth and things like theft to support a habit.

TLF+ said...

Hal Perry was under the weather today, but I have a call and email into his office to check the stats.

Here is a report from '06, based on survey of U.S. counties... as you will see, in many places 50% of the inmates are there for meth related crime.