Thursday, June 19, 2008

More from Jerusalem - Does Christ love all people or just a small elite?

I hope that you will go to the link (post below) and take the time to download and read this amazing document.

It summarizes the real issues that are tearing up the Anglican Communion (and in fact widening the divide between Christian and non-believer).

These quotes (page 28 & 70) describe the struggle between the faithful follower of Christ and those who, like Episcopal Church bureaucrats, turn the Gospel upside down ("revisionists").

...the struggle today is to affirm that the plain truth [the Good News in Christ] is accessible to the ordinary person. Those who deny that this is possible then define everything in terms of power, in a situation in which they hold the upper hand and their power is being challenged by this very appeal to truth. Repeated attempts at dialogue have been made by those committed to the teaching of Scripture. However, experience has shown that the revisionists are not willing to listen...

The word of God is given to the people of God. It is not the private possession of either a scholarly elite or any ecclesiastical hierarchy. The New Testament insistence upon the public reading of Scripture assumes that the plain meaning of Scripture is accessible to all, and that it nourishes the faith of all believers regardless of cultural differences or educational background.

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