Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear South Dakota Episcopalians: WHY?

The 2007 Diocesan Journal is out, with final stats for 2006.

Why does this diocese, a very difficult mission environment with many needs, give almost $50,000 (and asking for more) to the Episcopal Church's New York bureaucrats? Why are the people's offerings given to:

  • Leaders who are spending millions of dollars on lawsuits while refusing to give exact figures or tell us what denominational budget items are being raided for the money?
  • Leaders who cut hundreds of thousands of dollars from funds for Native American ministries, including enough to fund a Reservation Mission Vicar in South Dakota?
  • An Executive Council that signed the Episcopal Church up as a sponsor of a radically pro-abortion group, despite this diocese's call for calm and balanced discussion and the generally pro-life position of the L/Dakota people?

And why, if this diocese is a missionary setting that can operate only with the national church providing 1/2 its budget, should South Dakota have to send anything at all back?


Alice C. Linsley said...

Why indeed? Given the needs there, it is wrong. My heart breaks that Native Americans once again get the shaft. : (

neanderthalbeliever said...

Come on, get with the program...we must make offerings to Baal or Baal becomes very, VERY angry and takes us to court.

Chazaq said...

Because its not your money. Everything in the hierarchical Episcopal Church rightly belongs to the Maximum Leaders, who are smarter, better, and more worthy than you are. You should be grateful for whatever they condescend to give to you. Look at it from 815's perspective. What have you ever done to advance their agenda?