Monday, June 30, 2008

Mainstream media colludes with Episcopal (New York) propagandists on South Dakota news

Shame on the Rapid City Journal and reporter Mary Garrigan. Before the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Organization visited South Dakota, the paper ran this article by Ms. Garrigan, claiming that 3,000 (that's right, three thousand) people would show up for the event.

I emailed and phoned Ms. Garrigan, only to discover that she went on a long weekend while the Presiding Bishop was in SD. In other words, she and her paper ran an article and didn't bother to check or follow up on numbers and info given to them by Episcopal publicity folks.

Now, we find that attendance was much less - in the "hundreds" - and this included out-of-state Episcopal reps brought in for the event.

Shame also on the Sioux Falls Argus Leader (many locals call it the "Argus Liar" and one local radio host calls it "the newspaper whose name we do not speak"). The Argus declined to accept questions or press releases from the American Anglican Council/South Dakota Chapter, which contested some of the Presiding Bishop's propaganda and also raised questions about her lawsuits against Christians around the country.


surrender orothy said...

I was kind of wondering how many would show up to the heretic-in-chief's shin dig.

Guess the libs running the diocese couldn't bus the stand-ins and extras fast enough. Not enough money....gotta pay for that 2nd bishop's position don't ya know...

Alice C. Linsley said...

Glad that the American Anglican Council SD is on top of things like this!

SL said...

One begins to wonder what 815 REALLLY thinks of "Native American Ministries"....especially after this pathetic showing. AND, what does Creighton think of the fact that 815 really doesn't give a damn anymore about the soooooo 1970's agenda of working with native people - in lieu of the soooooo 2000's homosexual agenda? He obviously does not agree with proseletizing the Word of God to transform EITHER groups ( was "The Episcopal Church's sin" in the 1880's as quoted recently in Episcopal Life). My take, is Creighton better get some high profile homosexuals back into the diocese, or this place is history financially.

TLF+ said...

And I have questions about the PB receiving a Lakota name on the trip. When it comes to Whites, isn't that an honor typically awarded after years of a trustworthy relationship?

This whole event just smells.

cp said...

Tim+ --

Why didn't you show up yourself and count people at least? You are, after all, a priest in this Diocese. Were you afraid you would be shown up by a girl? (just kidding)

Seriously it's a shame you did not make it. I sure wish I could have. I hear there were some good conversations with conservatives who asked some tough questions of ++Katherine, who spent most of the weekend listening.