Saturday, June 21, 2008

What really matters to Episcopalian insiders...

The Rapid City Journal's coverage about the Presiding Bishop's South Dakota photo-op is getting a few comments.

There are two groups critical of the visit: Traditional Indians remembering historic harm to their culture, and Christians pointing out Episcopal harm to faith.

A few TEC-loyalists pop in to defend the Presiding Bishop. Here is my favorite, show stopping, absolutely irrefutable argument in defense of Episcopalianism:

And to the rest of you who do not understand the basic constitutions and canons of the Episcopal Church, I suggest you not comment about that which you do not understand.

By the way, still no answers about how much is being spent on lawsuits, and what church funds are being raided for that money.

And in the Providence Journal, Bishop Geralyn Wolf of Rhode Island offers some very perceptive comments about the current church mess. She reveals two more Episcopalian priorities, comparing them (unfavorably) to the struggles of Christians in other parts of the world:

Here in this country we talk a lot about sexuality and church buildings, while people there are trying to dodge bullets and find food and survive.

So, there you have it. By-laws, real estate and homosexuality. The mission priorities of the Episcopal Church.

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