Friday, June 20, 2008

The Presiding Bishop is in South Dakota: The Anglican Communion "smells like beer"

It's in the Rapid City Journal, but most media here just ain't interested.

This report anticipates "3,000 people", but that seems inflated in a diocese with ASA of about 2,000.

Nothing in this about the lawsuits... our AAC chapter is currently nagging the reporter to ask some real questions.

But this is my favorite:

“It’s a time of ferment, which can be enormously positively [sic],” Jefferts Schori said. “You look at a vat of beer and sometimes it doesn’t smell very good – but there’s a lot of good work going on there, and the product smells better than the process. Something like that’s going on in the Anglican Communion.”

Great. A booze metaphor at a Native American gathering. What ever happened to liberal sensitivity?


Alice C. Linsley said...

What sensitivity? The woman's sentiments are those of the dead.

I think she just admitted that TEC's present condition stinks!

TLF+ said...

She's certainly accelerating the reduction of TEC to a microbrewery...but without the high quality product!

I wonder how the lawsuits and depositions fit into this illustration? Her unique ingredients?

Surrender Orothy said...

The "scientist" PB obviously doesn't know the difference between "fermentation" and "putrification".

TLF+ said...

surrender orothy - LOL love the name!

Yep, putrification hits the mark. I picked the current masthead picture for the blog because it so caught my feelings about the state of the Episcopal Organization.