Friday, June 27, 2008

Anglicans prevail in VA court again - Judge tells Episcopal leaders to learn some English

From Judge Randy Bellows' ruling, which is here (thanks, Stand Firm):

It is not mere semantics to observe that there is a difference - a constitutionally significant difference - between a finding involving a religious organization and a religious finding.

That's just a capper on his rejection of Episcopal leaders' sweeping claims to own and define the universe.

To Episcopalians out there: How long are you going to let this Presiding Bishop, her lawyer, the gay-activist "Executive Council" and others in New York throw millions of your donated dollars into one lost case after another? How do you sleep at night calling yourselves a "peace and justice" church when you spend so much money on neither?


neaderthalbeliever said...

In other words, you piskies can make up your religion as you go along (as you do), but you can't make up legal documents as you go along (as you try to do).

TLF+ said...

See? You speak English, neanderthal...

Sherri E. said...

I am a member of one of the 11 breakaway parishes involved in this litigation. I cannot tell you how gleefully I read of Judge Bellows' decision. We have been praying for him to have wisdom and discernment, and he has truly been God's instrument for justice in this. My favorite line was "57-9 did not drop into this from the clear blue sky."