Saturday, August 8, 2009

Three graphics relevant to religion in America

via tweet from libertyideals (#libertarian):

See what you make of these groupings of population and religious practice.


Anonymous said...

Chart 3 is interesting as they are all Christian denonimations. Where is TEC in that list? Curious that Christian is diferentieted from Baptist and Catholic. These are interesting times.

TLF+ said...

It looks like TEC is lumped into "Other" (see the column on the right of the page, running alongside Virginia and the Carolinas.) "Other" includes "Anglican" which appears to include TEC. That would explain the lt. grey patches in South Dakota - probably the Reservations with an historic Episcopal presence.

I'm wondering if "Christian" = nondenominational, with "Other" taking in the smaller mainline denominations and other historic churches like the Orthodox.

Floridian said...

I believe Christian is the Congregational church that split off from the Millerites after the Great Disappointment of 1848 along with the Church of Christ (though they won't admit it, saying they are the original and only Christians) and the 7th Day Adventists and Advent Christians.