Sunday, August 2, 2009

South Yorkshire to Sheffield to South Dakota: A double play of encouragement for Single Christians and Small Churches

Bumped into these thoughts at Cranmer's Curate (Sheffield, UK), where the host shares some words from a Youth Pastor in South Yorkshire.

They have relevance today as I take advantage of vacation to attend the installation of Fr. Ryan Hall* as Rector of St. Paul's in Brookings. He's not single, but he has a small church in a college town (heck, same can be said of Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls).

Anyway, the thoughts are about the possibilities for single people (no, not all about getting married) in small churches (no, not all about becoming big churches). You might find them encouraging.

Please pray for Fr. Ryan, Mary, their new daughter and St. Paul's, Brookings; also for Julian, Lisa, their boys and Church of the Ascension; and for Andrew in South Yorkshire. For yours truly, Melissa, our boys and Good Shepherd as well.

*Ryan is known around the blogosphere as Archer of the Forest


Julian Mann said...

Thank you very much for this Tim.

Warmly in Christ,


David Handy+ said...

So the Archer of the Forest may become the Archer of the Plains?? I know that the wide open prairies of SD are a long way from Sherwood Forest, but I'm glad that you'll have more orthodox fellowship and an ally in the fight for the soul of Anglicanism, Tim.

David Handy+
Glad to be FROM, not in, SD.

jessica said...

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