Saturday, August 8, 2009

More on despair, chronic problems, crises, etc.

Stand Firm has blogged this video; Doc Loomis put it up on Facebook.

You can actually skip the Joel Osteen part (in fact, I recommend you skip it) and cut right to Driscoll's teaching on Jesus at about 5:16.

If your finances are hurting, listen to what Driscoll teaches.

If you have chronic problems, listen to what Driscoll teaches.

If there are disruptions and burdens weighing on you, listen to what Driscoll teaches.

I got clobbered in prayer this morning - I was hit by the fact that Jesus sent his first apostles out with no budget, as "Lambs in the midst of wolves," vulnerable to the world except for his commission and his power shared with them. Too many "cares of the world" choke our faith. We ask the Father only for this day's bread. Each day has its own troubles - what good comes from stressing about tomorrow?

I live so close to Jesus in my thoughts and intentions every day - and at the same time I walk so far away from him when I get wrapped up in the world's standards of success, pleasure, security and value.

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