Friday, August 28, 2009

God is all over things today... email from a parishioner

Earlier today, I posted the news that my wife's disability claim was approved. Just now, I got this email from a parishioner. He and his wife have also struggled with financial and health pressures, and he's been trying to work toward a new career:

"I contacted XXXXX at SD Dept. Of Labor about my test results. She contacted someone at the school administration office, and they both decided there was a space available and they would allow me in because of my overall score averages. But wait, all the money through the WIC program was depleted...... XXXXX informed me that she had put the alloted money aside, just for me. She wanted to see if I was serious about becoming a CNA. She said I proved to her I was and will be. I start school on September 21st. Paid for by the Government of South Dakota. My goal is to help the elderly and special needs children. The adventure begins...........I think God wants me in this field as well. I've thought and prayed for guidance....and for at least a window to open up.

It opened and I'm crawling through. I hope it's not considered breaking and entering. Thank you Father for all your prayers......may God BLESS you and your family, and get you through your hard times. XXXXX and I are here for you........see you at church on Sunday."

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