Saturday, August 22, 2009

Equal Time: On Staying in The Episcopal Church

Fr. Handy's piece is the rationale for leaving, here's Stand Firm in Faith with thoughts on staying in...

But the fact is that there is a large group of conservatives within TEC who:

-- have recognized for some years now that the Instruments of Unity have failed and will not provide relief or establish any sort of common order ever

-- wish to "engage in strategic, thoughtful action within TEC," not to "reform TEC" but to work within various local contexts for numerous possible goals and outcomes

-- have no interest in "patient and enduring witness" only without massive differentiation and strategic action

-- wish to be differentiated from the national structures of TEC in a more significant and apparent and compelling and communicative way than simply affirming the three Windsor moratoria

-- do not believe that an "Anglican Covenant" based on the corrupt Joint Standing Committee and zero spelled-out consequences will be at all effective in reigning in future chaos and division

-- do not believe that the Instruments of Communion are "the effective means of ordering the common life of the Communion"

-- they are not effective and they do not order anything at all, much less "common life of the Communion"

-- recognize that the current Archbishop of Canterbury will not do what he needs to do in order to solve the chaos and disorder that is in the Anglican Communion

-- this necessarily means that action must take place within TEC and among traditional Episcopalians to differentiate and "bring about desired future states" through other arenas and channels

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