Saturday, August 1, 2009

General Convention: there were some good things (and some real howlers) beyond the stuff in the headlines

Some Good Things: a number of resolutions promise funding and other support for Native American ministry in South Dakota and around the country:

A148, Funding for Dioceses with substantial Native American Ministry

A149, A150, Support for leadership models and training that fit Indigenous cultures

A152, Preservation of burial sites

A155, Poverty alleviation, with special attention to Reservations

And then there was a Family Leave resolution I found refreshing: the church actually telling itself to engage the policy before issuing it as an edict to the rest of the world.

Some Real Howlers: far too many resolutions speak with absolute and extreme certainty to political issues (strange for a church that is ambivalent about God and claims to be "the thinking person's church"). And of course these are borrowed from only one political party. Some examples,

The Episcopal Church edict on Immigration: Everybody's entitled to everything.

Give the UN regulatory and law enforcement power over global commerce. (I'm serious. Go to the link and read it.)

You're an Episcopalian? Then it is an article of faith that you work to defeat Defense of Marriage laws.


Jeffersonian said...

Lotsa bees in that port-side bonnet, Tim. Gotta get some honey to all of 'em.

TLF+ said...

LOL and the port side light is RED.