Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A few pics & thoughts from St. Paul's, Brookings

The congregation was founded in 1893, and now worships on one of the city's main streets. The people have hung in there through some stretches without a priest. This has been true of the folks at Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls and I am sure other congregations around these parts as well. Clergy deployment and retention remains one of the big needs in South Dakota, and was a significant discussion topic for the Bishop candidates here. The arrival of Fr. Hall is a blessing to St. Paul's and to the whole diocese.

Brown in stained glass? It works. St. Paul's window is meant to evoke the earth tones of the Great Plains.


David Handy+ said...

Thanks, Tim+. However, after reading the title to this thread, I was hoping for a picture of Fr. Hall and maybe his wife or family too. It would be nice to know if the Archer of the Forest at all resembles my imagination's conception of Robin Hood or William Tell.

I'm glad he accepted a call to Brookings. Life is lonely enough on the northern plains; now at least you'll both have each other as comrades and allies.

David Handy+

TLF+ said...

David+, Go to "Costly Grace" in my Useful Links and there are pics of him there. Yes, he fits the image... the pictures don't always show it but he's very tall. Put him in forest green vestments and all you need are the bow and arrow.

Was great to meet his wife Mary and their baby Sarah - who has a very sweet personality.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Yes, I do have some pictures of the Installation on my blog here:


A picture of the installation made it only the front page of the Brookings Register on Monday. I want to scan it and post it on my blog if I can find the right driver for my computer. (I had a blue screen of death Windows reformat yesterday on my computer and am not quite back up to full computing capacity.)

Anonymous said...

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