Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Letter from a departing parishioner

I'm only giving an excerpt here, as I need to share the whole thing more fully with our Vestry and others. But this part is of special relevance as the Lutheran (ELCA) national gathering prepares to follow the Episcopal Church into cultural submission and captivity. Note this family's new direction:

I feel that the National Church is rapidly moving away from the Bible I believe in and that Jesus Christ is being lost in the shuffle. I try to live life based on the principles, values, and morals that I believe in. I can no longer belong to an organized religion that does not closely follow those beliefs. My decision is not a knee jerk reaction to any one action of the Episcopal Church; it was made after much prayer, contemplation and “soul searching”. I have spent many sleepless nights and had the peace of my daily life interrupted by these issues for quite a while and feel that it will eventually affect my faith if I continue to fight it in my head. So, we're leaving, (we hope to find a good Bible based Church that has no ties to any national Church) please know that we have only good thoughts and feelings for you and all of those at Good Shepherd. We will miss you and hope and pray for good things to come to Good Shepherd.


prairiewords said...

So many walk away, silently. But sadly expressions like this fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

This must make the heart heavy Tim. Here are some people who have recognized that what has happened in the last several General Conventions is NOT the end of it, but will be just part of a series of continuing efforts to bring Christianity to its' knees.

God forgive us, and save us.

TLF+ said...

Yeah, the denomination doesn't care. They are all smiles about how "peaceful" GenCon was. They threw out at least 10% of their ASA, marginalized a larger percentage of people and clergy, and feel like they've gained something because the same people who only listen to one another can keep doing so without the inconvenience of questions.

David Handy+ said...

Alas, your comment is all too true, Tim. There is a mysterious and perverse blindness that afflicts the leaders of TEC

I'm sorry that you're losing some good people through no fault of your own, Tim, but simply because your parish is tied to a pathetically sick denomination. It's not fair, but it's a grim reality that many faithful clergy and lay leaders must face.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you, this family and the parish have to face hard decisions like this. But it seems you are doing a good job, pointing the parishioners so that their loyalty is toward Christ and God's calling on their life, not loyalty to an institution. Thank you for keeping the faith and loving and serving your congregation. May God's blessing go with this family and may He build and continue your fellowship in the Spirit with them.