Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Underground Pewster" pens a sermon on a sermon...

He likes to reflect on sermons he hears, and his thoughts often turn out to be better sermons than the ones preached. Sometimes great sermons resolve in penetrating questions, just the way Jesus used to end his stories:

...I am left wondering how we are to interact with an increasingly unbelieving world.

Have I been prepared by my church to answer the challenges presented to us by the naysayers and the skeptical?

Has my church sufficiently grounded me in Christ to defend His name?

Or should I just keep being a "good person" and be a silent example for Him?

To the last question I say, "No!" A vision of the rocks themselves refusing to be silent came to mind: Luke 19:37-40...

...Shout it out! Keep those stones from singing!

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