Monday, July 20, 2009

Fountain must...hang...on... Few...more... weeks...


Rick said...

Hey, Tim:

You're not hte only one jonesing for college football to start.

Roll Tide!!!

Your friend,


Zana said...

September 3. I almost don't care who's playing. (But South Carolina at NC State could be fun...) Alas, my husband is not looking forward to another fall of being a football widower. ::grin::

Bill in Ottawa said...

It's not quite the same thing, you could take a long drive north on I-29 and beyond. The Blue Bombers are hosting the Argos in Winnipeg on Friday night. Lots of good seats left.

Bill in Ottawa

(Who is also waiting for Canadian university football and the return of the CFL to Ottawa in 2010. Go GGs)

TLF+ said...

Glad to know that the passion is spreading! It is time!!!!!

Bill, that's cool! Wish I were free to head up to Winnipeg.

But I-29 goes North-South; isn't the CFL about running East-West?