Friday, July 17, 2009

If I am reading this right, THANK YOU, South Dakota Deputies

Stand Firm *Preliminary* Results on C023 [Defense of Marriage Statutes] The Episcopal Church just passed a resolution asking its members to work against "defense of marriage" laws (generally State laws defining marriage as male-female). It is an absurd resolution, an absurd view of what the church is on earth to do, and an absurd display of the eccentric faction that runs the denomination today. BUT it appears that both lay and clergy South Dakota Deputies (the latter is a pleasant surprise!) were in the minority that voted against the resolution (in other words, Episcopalians in South Dakota should not be enlisted as cheap labor for activists to attack our State's traditional definition of marriage). If this report is accurate, I am thankful to our Deputation for taking a good stand.


The Archer of the Forest said...

I have to admit that I was shocked by this resolution. Not much else really surprised me coming out of General Convention, but this one was way over the line of appropriateness for a GC resolution.

I think it will be this resolution, and not necessarily the other high profile ones, that is absolutely going to go over like a lead balloon in the Episcopal Church in the South where I am originally from. Passing highly controversial political hobby horse resolutions does not sit well in the South where most Episcopalians (as well as just about everybody else) I know vote for Defense of Marriage Acts.

Of course, not that the Episcopal church has been breaking any evangelism/growth records in most places in the bible belt for over a decade, with a few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

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