Monday, July 20, 2009

Human Shields for apostates Pt. II - your favorite cause is cannon fodder

Bishop Dan's Blog: Pastoral Letter To Nevada Episcopalians (h/t a very pained Greg Griffith at Stand Firm)

The first wave of human shields for Christophobic Episcopalian apostates were the LGBT&c. But check out the link to the Bishop of Nevada - he's already trumpeting "Sex? Why, we hardly dealt with that at all. We passed resolutions on so many important issues!"

So, look for your favorite environmental, political or cultural hobby horse in there someplace, especially if you are "liberal."

Meanwhile, behind all the words, the Episcopalian leaders denied that Jesus is the Savior. They said that his cross was a bit of unpleasantness, nothing more. They said (by their actions on the budget) that spreading the word about the Word isn't the mission of the church.

As Kendall Harmon put it, "Deafening Silence" on spreading the Gospel spoke volumes at General Convention. (His blog is having technical problems, but once it is up and running you can enter "silence" in his search function and see several good thoughts on the matter.)

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Anonymous said...

You might be a progresive wear a pointy hat, but your point is aimless.