Saturday, July 11, 2009

There's a whole new dynamic at work with the Disciplinary Canons...

My earlier thought, now being posted up at Stand Firm, was that the new disciplinary system was a way to empower bishops and disempower everybody else.

But now there's a new dynamic in play: Gay activist Bishop Gene Robinson and others are siding with the House of Deputies (laity and other clergy) against the wider House of Bishops - because the Bishops seem to be leaning toward moderation on the LGBT agenda.

This means the new disciplinary model, if adopted, could be used by activists and a few willing "gatekeeper" Bishops to take out any clergy (including Bishops) who get in the way of the LGBT faction:
  1. Provisions for discipline of the laity were dropped;
  2. A Bishop must accept a complaint and allow the process to start, so laity or other clergy angry at one Bishop could go to Bishop Robinson or another ally and get a "reconciliation"-"conflict resolution"-DISCIPLINARY ACTION going against the Bishop who doesn't support "the agenda."
  3. The new canons are so full of subjective standards that just about anybody, any place could attack a traditional or moderate (or any) Bishop via this means.

If you want an example of what happens when activist clergy run things and clergy are just "employees" with no leadership or teaching authority, look here.

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