Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fooling the folks for fetishes

You thought it was just about "rights" for gay men and lesbians, right?

Well, in the original language of Resolution C061 at the Episcopal Church General Convention, restrictions on access to any and all ministries of the church were removed for:

...marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression... So cross dressing, multiple divorces and remarriages, dominance and submission, maybe? Now we are beyond the old line of "committed, loving relationships" and into personal dysfunction, fetishes and who knows what else in all ministries, lay and clergy.

Fortunately, this language was saved at Stand Firm.

I say "fortunately", because it was amended to just say that all ministries shall be open "to all baptized persons." They concealed their intent behind churchy words.

If the Episcopal Church is so sure that all of these changes are "from the Holy Spirit," than why the concealment?

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Jeffersonian said...

It's been becoming clearer for some time now that teh ghey was just the tip of the pansexual iceberg at TEC. At some point, even today's useful idiots are going to bridle at what has been declared normative by the grandees at 815, the HoD and HoB. But by then, there won't be anyone to stand athwart and shout "stop!"