Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Campy burlesque devolves into incoherent madness

Different observers will highlight different absurdities of the Episcopalian General Convention, which mercifully ends this week. If you hear any news at all, it will be limited to the actions allowing for LGBTQI( ) Bishops. But that's just one resolution. Much, much more went on.

Some of my faves:

1) Changing church canon laws so that people of any "sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression of gender identity" can be ministers of the denomination. We were told that gays and lesbians were "born that way." We were told that some people were born "trapped in the wrong body." Now we are told that the "nature" argument never really mattered after all. Any choice, style, fetish, neurosis, marital failure or whatever is sacred and fit to be set in authority to lead and teach in Christ's name. As much as the scandal, I am offended by all the lying and dissembling used to get the church to this point. FWIW, initial reports indicate that South Dakota's lay deputies at least voted against this madness. Props to them if that's a fact.

2) Continuing to deny requests for an accounting of church funds used to sue dissenters. Do you belong to any business or organization that asks you to contribute financially, but won't let you ask questions about its budget? And it looks as if the national Episcopalian leaders want to come up with some "mandatory" giving rules that give them authority to reach into the funds of regional and local churches to redistribute offerings. Those billable lawyer hours add up, I guess.

3) Threw out a resolution (modelled on one that was adopted by the Church of England) that called for discussion of how to uphold and share the unique message of Jesus Christ in a pluralistic world. Making this shameful action more absurd is the fact that all of the deputies received a detailed statistical report, showing that the church is aging and declining and only a tiny number of its congregations actually attempt to reach the unchurched with any kind of message. So a dying church in need of evangelists defeated a call for evangelism.

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