Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kind follow-up from a gracious host: South Dakota Blogosphere party!

Madville Times: South Dakota Blogosphere Open House: Thanks for Coming! What a beautiful place Cory has out there on Lake Herman. Yep, rolled the kayak getting out... because of some old back problems, getting in and out of those things is a bear but once on the water I have a great time. Took some pics from out in the lake and hope to post them later this week.

Really good fellowship, food and first face-to-faces with these folks.

My major discovery? A very liberal blogger can look very conservative and a most conservative blogger can look like a healthy Jerry Garcia.

And yes, it is true, seafood enchiladas can be reheated on an open fire. Outside. In a safe setting. With water and earth ready just in case.

These are folks who have impacted their communities, the State and the wider world via this bloggy business. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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