Monday, July 13, 2009

Close call for Fr. Ryan Hall: Godzilla menaces Brookings, SD

The satellite pics don't lie - that sure appears to be the Lizard King sniffing around Brookings last evening.

The big guy must not be aware of the two Tokyo Sushi sites in Sioux Falls.


Jill C. said...

Oh, you're right. It does look like a dragon or something. That explains why the buffalo pic. has gone "bye bye!"

The Archer of the Forest said...

Actually it didn't turn out to be that bad. The tornado sirens didn't even come on. We did get some nice lightning and thunder right when we were trying to put the baby to bed, which was just great, as she hates storms, but it was ok.

Actually after the storm passed, there was the largest rainbow I have seen in a long time out my office window. I took a few pictures of it. I will try to post them on my blog later.