Saturday, July 18, 2009

Keep it short and simple

Cloud of Unknowing | Christian Classics Ethereal Library

And right as this little word “fire” stirreth rather and pierceth more hastily the ears of the hearers, so doth a little word of one syllable when it is not only spoken or thought, but privily meant in the deepness of spirit; the which is the height, for in ghostliness all is one, height and deepness, length and breadth. And rather it pierceth the ears of Almighty God than doth any long psalter unmindfully mumbled in the teeth. And herefore it is written, that short prayer pierceth heaven.

The Cloud of Unknowing, Chapter 37


Jill C. said...

(Nice photo from the Badlands!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought that was Aneheim

TLF+ said...

Zechariah 9:11, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Very nice thanks for the sharing..................

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