Friday, July 31, 2009

A word of hope for Episcopalians

From Deacon Phil Snyder, in a comment on his blog.

Actually, I do think TEC is still a church - just one in very bad shape - much like the Church before Francis or Dominic - intellectually lazy, addicted to secular power and taking its queues from the secular world. But it seems that every time the Church gets into this position, God raises up a prophet (such as Francis - who was a Deacon by the way) to call the Church back into relationship with her Lord.That is part of what I am trying to do in my little neck of the woods - be that prophet that calls the Church back to her Covenant.

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GA/FL said...

You stand a pretty good chance of being a great prophet, Tim+ with two praying women undergirding you - your mother and Melissa, newly dedicated to the rule of prayer and service of Benedict!

All blessings,