Monday, July 6, 2009

South Dakota Bishop-elect will attend General Convention, which will be asked for consent to his consecration

Diocesan email requests prayer for the South Dakota deputation, which includes Bishop-elect John Tarrant:

General Convention begins this week in Anaheim, California

Please keep the entire church in your prayers as well as the thousands of people attending the convention, including the South Dakota deputation:
Bishop Creighton Robertson
Bishop-elect John Tarrant
The Rev. David Hussey
The Rev. John Spruhan
The Rev. George Parmeter
The Rev. Kathy Monson Lutes
The Rev. Kathryn Costas (alternate)
Jean Lacher
Dennis Potter
Wilma Standing Bear
Wade Brings

Activities, legislation, etc. may be accessed at and connect to the Media Hub

The timeline at the Diocesan Bishop Election page includes General Convention as the venue for John's consecration consent process, as allowed by church canon law when elections take place in the months prior to Convention.

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