Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please pray: SD Bishop injured; Bishop-elect has consent hearing

By email from the Diocesan office:

Monday morning, just a few hours before his flight was due to leave Sioux Falls for General Convention in Anaheim, Bishop Robertson fell and severely bruised his side and hip. The pain was so great he feared he had cracked a bone or two. Fortunately, the x-rays showed no broken bones, but he was sent home with heavy painkillers. Please keep Creighton and Ann in your prayers as he recovers.

This evening a committee (on Ordination and Resignation of Bishops) reviews the elections of 3 bishops, including Fr. Tarrant, and holds an open hearing on them before reaching a conclusion and sending its recommendation to the Convention on Wednesday, the first legislative day. When confirmed by both houses, John will be seated with the House of Bishops. Please keep John and Pat in your prayers as well.


American History said...

Keeping him in our prayers. We lit a candle at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher thanks to http://holylandprayer.net. God bless.

TLF+ said...

Thank you and God bless you!