Sunday, July 20, 2008

Resistance? (Rosebud update)

It is well documented that the spirits active among Native Americans manifest in natural phenomena, especially weather.

Today, I prayed from the altar for an end to suicide on the Rosebud Reservation. I prayed that the land be under the blood of Christ and that spirits of affliction, poverty, frustration and death be displaced by Christ.

At that moment, there was rolling thunder and a strong downpour beat audibly on Good Shepherd for the rest of the prayer of consecration (it stopped just before the fraction of the Body of Christ).

We are in the midst of a week of thunderstorms, so it is not like "rain came out of the blue." But the timing of this particular downpour reminds me that we need to keep up our prayers for one another as intercessors. The Spirit woke me up around 3 a.m. and I was moved to pray for all of the intercessors I could think of at that groggy hour.

Please pray for protection over all who are praying for the Rosebud.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

God speaks in wonders such as this, and His Power is fearsome, but God is good.

A vicious attack on my daughter by a gossiper in her church was taken care of in a fearsome way. The woman's house burned to the ground and she was forced to relocate.

An Episcopal priest who had been removed from another parish for having an adulterous affair was moved to a parish near me. On the first day he was to celebrate the Eucharist, there was a stink of death in the sanctuary. An animal had crawled into the undercroft and died there.

Just days after an English bishop announced on British tv that belief in Christ's Resurrection was not necessary to be a Christian, the bell tower of his cathedral was destroyed by lightening.

The woman who had bad-mouthed me to my congregation, stirring trouble against me because I disagreed with my bishop's same-sex advocacy, developed mouth cancer.

Christians of Indonesia were spared when the tsunami struck at Christmas because their Muslim neighbors had required them to celebrate up in the hills.

The Scriptures provide other examples from the lives of the prophets and the Apostles.