Thursday, July 10, 2008

Parish pulls off two Saturday moves for neighbors; teens make up 1/2 of our team!

The Moving Assistance Program founded by parishioners of Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls, continues to help people better their living conditions with free local moves and free loading for folks who are moving out of town.

  • The parish provided two moving teams on June 28th. I was blessed to be on a team with half the labor supplied by parish teens. (A second team also included folks from our Youth groups.) Our team helped load up for a senior lady who is moving in with her daughter out-of-state.

  • We had a great experience of "the body of Christ" as each person on the team seemed to have a unique gift that made the whole thing work. There was a heavy lifter, a tall guy to pack the pods to the top, a person with an eye for how to pack, a people-organizer, a knot tying pro, etc. And when we prayed with the people at the end of the work, the teens got a first hand exeperience of how the most meaningful "work" was to ask God's blessing on the people we served.

All glory to God for the inspiration to offer this ministry, and for the will and the means to carry it out. If you want to find out more, there is a link to MAP just down the right side of this blog.

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