Thursday, July 24, 2008

Common Cause Partners (includes AAC) will ask for recognition as North American Anglican Province

Very big announcement today.

Key paragraph:
The intention of the CCP Executive Committee is to petition the Primates Council for recognition of the CCP as the North American Province of GAFCON on the basis of the Common Cause Partnership Articles, Theological Statement, and Covenant Declaration, and to ask that the CCP Moderator be seated in the Primates Council.

This means that there will be a request by Biblically faithful North American Anglicans to become part of an international body that follows Christ and rejects the false teachings and practices of The Episcopal Church. It will make faithful North American Anglicans part of the vast majority of Anglican Christians world wide in practice, not just sentiment.

The implications for AAC/SDK are obviously large. Please keep up your prayers for our chapter.


Georgia said...

Last week, I read the history of the AAC and was so thankful for the foresight and faithfulness of those first 20 to meet in 1995, to fast, pray and listen to God and begin the organization that would lead to the Jerusalem Meeting and today's hope-filled announcement.

To Him be glory in His Church.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, georgia is so right! You probably don't know just how many people are cheering you on, but are afraid...we need to encourage them, no doubt, they'll be tremendously excited that a Biblically-based church is available to them. Sadly, so many are afraid to be part of setting that up. persevere! Those who are active in our Common Cause will continue to touch the hearts of others and bring them home!

"Anonymous" aka Novice Oblate