Saturday, July 12, 2008

Neo-Viking Midwestern Thugs Corrupt our Autistic Son

OK, follow me, now...

Our autistic son just loves movie company logos. Flying over Mt. Rainer, WA one time, he pointed out the window and said, "Paramount!"

So, having grown up in Southern California, he was raised to pronounce Spanish words properly. He knew that many of the classic Disney films were distributed by Buena Vista pictures, and he always pronounced it booWAYnahVEEstah.

Now that we are here on the Northern Plains, home to many Norweigan and, well, Midwestern types, he comes home from summer school and says,

"That movie is by bew-na vis-tuh."

Maybe Obama's right about that foreign language stuff.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

Obama is right that Americans need to become (at least) bilingual, but we shouldn't focus exclusively on Spanish and English. Americans must learn to value communicating with other peoples. This means learning other languages, but it also means learning how to handle English properly.