Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why am I posting all my Trinity Sunday stuff on Saturday?

  • + Because by Sunday morning some of us might already have inflicted a really awful sermon on the people. There is still time to step back from serving up a platter of platitudes. Heck, just read them some stuff from that Phillips Brooks sermon I posted. Have 'em open their Prayer Books, put on their glasses and go to p. 867 for Articles of Religion I. Feed your people with something holy, not "Well, God is an impossible mystery but we are certain that he wants us to _____ (fill in your political agenda item)."

  • + Because those of you who are not preachers are going to be hearers. If helps your preacher, believe it or not, if you come in prepared for Sunday. If you've looked at the lessons. If you've prayed and opened yourself up to what God might be trying to say through the messy process of preaching and listening. Hopefully, some of these posts can help make your Trinity Sunday an experience of the awesome mystery and intimate love of God.

  • + Because if I don't keep posting, I gotta go clean the kid's bathroom.

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