Friday, June 19, 2009


Louie Crew is a gay activist who has, for some years, called many of the shots in The Episcopal Church (TEC).

Crew was on the "Executive Council", a group mandated to carry out programs established every three years by the General Convention of the denomination.

But with Crew in the driver's seat, the Council went beyond that mandate in egregious ways, without public discussion:

  • - Declaring the denomination a formal supporter of a radical pro-abortion group, which then put "The Episcopal Church" on its publications
  • - Making large decisions to cut and redirect various denominational budget items, mainly to fund litigation against clergy and congregations who dissented from the direction of the church.

Ah, but now there is an anonymous subcommittee of some sort discussing how to navigate the chaos inflicted on the denomination by the LGBT activists. And guess what? Louie is suddenly passionate about open government in the church.

Read Frankenstein, Louie. The monster ultimately turns on its maker.

Or look into this other book, if you dare.


LouieCrew said...

Thanks for your caveat, Tim. I like Saint Paul's injunction, and I live with the tension between it and Paul's claim that we will be judged by what Christ has accomplished, not what we have accomplished. It is Christ's righteousness, not my own, that assures salvation. Grace is amazing still that God loves sinners, that God loves me.

Indeed, God loves the whole world, and has trouble mainly with those who think themselves better than most other people.


TLF+ said...

We all have the same baptismal covenant. And it is clear that whenever (not "if") we sin, we are to repent and return to the Lord. That's what we promise, for our part.

TEC has thought itself "better than" other churches by forging ahead with a unilateral, factional agenda. So, yes, God has trouble with that.

And we are all part of the polarization and dysfunction of TEC, by sins of comission or omission. That's part of why I haven't left in a huff - I don't consider myself to have risen above the mess. Somehow, my repentance involves being here, at least for now.

the mask'd sonneteer said...


Who cares what you "like" about Saint Paul?