Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In case I wasn't clear...

This is what I wrote upon hearing of Dr. Tiller's murder:

This is the second time that Tiller's been shot. The first time was by an ostensible "pro-lifer." Look for today's killer (apparently apprehended) to claim a lofty moral motive or divine insight for murder.

With other Christians, pro-life advocates and Americans who value the rule of law, I condemn the killing of Dr. Tiller as an act of terror against our political order and a transgression against God's law.

Yes, there are fringe groups who justify terror attacks on abortionists. If you do some research, you will find that they are folks whose ideology was rejected by traditional churches and pro-life groups. (Paul Hill, executed in Florida for murdering an abortionist, had been removed from the ministry of the Presbyterian Church for his views, and later rejected by a more conservative Presbyterian break-away group and Operation Rescue as well).

And you can find the Insane Clown Posse on the other "side" as well. The ignorant ideological effort to obscure the scientific, moral and political evidence against abortion-on-demand is horrific. And as pointed out here, abortionists overheat the political climate when they place themselves above the law.

Our nation is suffering from too many people who never learned a simple childhood lesson: Nobody is entitled to have their way 100% of the time.

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