Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eve of Trinity Sunday - How 'bout this, Dan Brown?

We have Greek manuscripts of these lyrics from the 3rd century, meaning that people were probably singing similar words even before that. (English translation below is by Robert Bridges, 1899). This contradicts:
  • + Those who say that the church "made up" the Trinity (One God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The second verse shows that Trinitarian worship had entered popular devotion well before the major councils and creeds of church history.
  • + Those who say that the church "made up" the divine claims of Christ. The first and third verses show popular devotion to the divine Christ well before it was framed as formal doctrine.
  • + Those who say that Christianity was an ancient, centralized conspiracy to foist a myth on the world. Devotional lyrics like these come from the people up, and this particular hymn existed before the church had any kind of international organization or authority.

So read, pray and delight. And sing! A tune is available here...

O gladsome Light, O grace

of God the Father's face,

the eternal splendor wearing;

celestial, holy, blest,

our Savior Jesus Christ,

joyful in thine appearing.


Now, ere day falleth quite,

we see the evening light,

our wonted hymn outpouring;

Father of might unknown,

thee, his incarnate Son,

and Holy Spirit adoring.


To thee of right belongs

all praise of holy songs,

O Son of God, Life-giver;

thee, therefore, O Most High,

the world doth glorify,

and shall exalt for ever.

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