Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He needs to be on our public buildings on posters much bigger than Kim Jong Il's

Yes, Kim Jong Il is the "Dear Leader" extolled by North Koreans as they gaze on his exalted image gazing on them from giant banners and posters everywhere they go.

Still, no mere mortal, no matter how great, should be treated as a god - or, in particular, as God, right?

Guess we are gonna need some big ol' banners here, since MSNBC has extolled President Obama as... well, let's just say "Dear Leader" looks pretty dinky by comparison.


I've tried to keep this little blog o'mine, like my parish, somewhat free of partisan political identification. I have my leanings, and they come out from time to time, but I think I have posted as many positive as negative things about the President, and been willing to point out both strong and compromised examples from Conservative ranks.


But what to make of the MSNBC comment? I mean, if you think that, "I'm for life and against abortion" is an incitement to violence, then what does that make the linked quote?

h/t Jackie Bruchi, Stand Firm

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