Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"...our destiny is to embrace the enemy — to smell the sweat of the enemy — and that is why God has supported us..."

The UK's Church Times recently published an amazing report on church life in Pakistan.

In this volatile setting, Christians — 85 per cent of whom work in menial jobs — provide care for all in need. “We are trying to recreate God’s love as we have experienced it in Jesus Christ, and those people of God are the Taliban and al-Qaeda and Chris­tians, whoever they are..."

"We clean the wounds of the children, and that gives us the right to be of service there. But how do we serve others if we do not get support? This is why I yell at our global Christian siblings for support..."

"We are in the im­possible situation of a slow death, a slow suffocation by prejudice, despite all our service. It is the challenge of our times. How do we co-exist in a situation of majority Islam?"

One of his clergy, in the North Waziristan region, had described how the community commissioned a young man as a suicide-bomber. “Prayers are said, and the Holy Qur’an placed on his head, and on top of that a metal key to symbolise the key to paradise. It is a day of celebration for the community... We must engage with jihadists and intellectual jihadists, and challenge them. If they say Islam is a religion of peace, we welcome that, and let’s work together for that."

The story mentions barnabasaid, a ministry specifically devoted to helping persecuted Christians around the world. If you are moved and have means, you can send support via their website.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

I communicate weekly with an Anglican bishop there. The situation of Christians is urgent, dangerous, and yet rich with grace. Their stories remind me of the earliest Christians. These people suffer, many die, with full confidence in the Son of God. The jihadists are like the Roman citizens celebrating the "heroic" deaths of their strong young men and when they get bored, need a scapegoat, or simply want to take someone's property, they attack the Christians.

Please pray!

These people are praying for us because our spiritual condition in the West is weak. We would not withstand the fiery darts which are lauched at them every day.