Wednesday, June 17, 2009


There are some good perspectives collected at Lutheran Forum. Like Episcopalians and other of the old "mainline" denominations of the defunct American cultural consensus, Lutherans (talkin' ELCA here) are grappling with "issues" (talkin' how to justify actively gay clergy and other LGBT ceremonies here).

An April piece by Sarah Wilson really hits the key issue. When an honest review of what a church stands for does not support an agenda, activists for the agenda will revert to "enthusiasm," which is to say "We feel so strongly about this that it just has to be the Holy Spirit proving us right."

Wilson takes on a Lutheran sexuality report clause which sounds remarkably Episcopalian, although the reality is that LGBT activists coordinate from their primary identity and then work across denominational lines:

“WHEREAS, the Church of Christ sometimes has been surprised by the actions of the Spirit, as is reported in the book of Acts when the inclusion of Gentiles was affirmed…”

Go to the link and read Wilson's whole demolition of this weak argument. She outs all the usual activist tricks, such as twisting theological words and invoking sweeping "principles" that have been emptied of their traditional meaning. Her conclusion is no-nonsense:

...there is no adequate biblical case to be made for the recommendations presented here, and a shoddy attempt to invoke divine backup for something that cannot be argued from the Scriptures. Normally this is called “ideology” or “idolatry.” One way or another, it is another step away from being an identifiably Lutheran church.

As for The Episcopal Church, its General Convention will meet next month in an enthusiasm fest. Most of the major resolutions that are proposed seek to make the LGBT agenda the working theology of the withering denomination.

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