Friday, January 8, 2010

espn L.A. tweeting that Pete Carroll is Seattle bound...

Yikes! espn Los Angeles guy Arash Markazi is tweeting that Pete Carroll is taking the Seattle Seahawks job.

And here I just went and got tix for USC's game at Minnesota on Sept. 18.

Add to this Damien Williams and Joe McKnight going pro, and it looks like some major disarray for Troy.

Wonder if they need a Chaplain for Heritage Hall?

I'm here for ya, Mike Garrett...


The Archer of the Forest said...

I have no idea why on earth Carroll would leave USC to take over an NFL franchise in complete disarray. He drives by more blue chip recruits on his commute to work than most places have in the entire state.

To be fair, as a former college player and assistant football coach, I think anyone who wants to coach in the NFL needs to have an examination for lingering damage from concussions. You have to babysit primadonnas in the NFL, and even the best coaches seldom are there more that 4 or 5 years.

TLF+ said...

Cool! Where did you play? And did you seek ordination before or after the concussion?

Agreed about NFL coaching. And it just gets crazier all the time!

The Archer of the Forest said...

Oh, I played at a Division II school near Knoxville. (If you remember a Division II national championship game about ten years ago that went to 6 overtimes, that was us...we lost.)

I ended up breaking my ankle my sophomore year, so a plate and 6 pins later I stayed on as an assistant coach, mainly special teams and tackling and assistant to the offensive coordinator. We ran a Veer offense, which is sort of like a power option but with more play action passing.

I actually got offered grad student job as tackling coach at Ole Miss after I graduated by then coach David Cutcliffe, but passed and went to law school and the rest is history. I think its just as well, Ole Miss inexplicably fired Cutcliffe the next season. He's now at Duke after going back to Tennessee for a year as Offensive Coordinator.

TLF+ said...

I remember the Veer! UCLA ran it in L.A. for several years.

Cool you got to play in a championship game... even in losing. I very, very vaguely remember that game. (Although I knew a kid who went to Milsaps in MS and I keep confusing it with that multiple-lateral game they won).

Our older kid played on the SD state championship team two years ago (Lincoln, Sioux Falls). His senior year was wiped out by injuries :( But thankfully only exremities - no head trauma. So he won't be seeking ordination.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I actually got to play or coach in 2 National Championship games, in I guess '98 and '99. We lost both, but at least the 2nd one was a classic. (The first one is known at my campus as the "Disaster in the Downpour." It was cold, rainy slop pit, and we got massacred. Power run offenses with options sputter in conditions like that. It's just impossible to hold onto the ball on option plays in a downpour. It's like trying to pitch a gigantic ball of soap.

My college is one of the few (I don't think anyone in Div. I runs it anymore) that still runs the Veer. The Georgia Tech offense this year is about the closest thing I've seen to it in a while, although that's more of a modified Spread Option.

We ran a lot of options, and as such watched huge amounts of game film of the glory days of Tom Osborne's Nebraska teams. Nobody ran power options better than TO. Then, ironically, I moved to Nebraska and ultimately married a Husker grad.

What's hilarious is that parts of the Veer are coming back into vogue, now that defenses are catching onto how to defend the spread offense (I for the life of me don't know what took them so long to figure it out). They call it a Wild Cat offense now, but it is really more of a series of plays that can fit into any offensive system. Basically the Wild Cat play is stuff recycled from the Veer offense.

TLF+ said...

Basically the Wild Cat play is stuff recycled from the Veer offense.

Hermeneutic question about that quote: Are you being a harumphy old high churchman or - shudder - some kind of "Affirming Catholic"?????

Mary said...
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Mary said...
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The Archer of the Forest said...

Am I ever anything but a harrumphing old high churchman? ;)

Forget the previous two comments by Mary. I was using my wife's computer and accidentally logged in as her.

But seriously, I just love watching football for the sheer fact of "there's nothing new under the sun," as it says in Ecclesiastes.

But back to the topic at hand. If Carroll was to leave, whom do you think will be the next coach? I'm hearing rumors about Oregon State's coach, who I believe was going to be USC's coach in 2001 but couldn't get out of his pro contract. I'm also hearing Jim Harbaugh, which I think is unlikely as he just signed a new contract with a stiff "opt out" penalty clause.

The Archer of the Forest said...

I'm still waiting for someone to come up with some trendy new name and way to play the old Wishbone.

TLF+ said...

And here I thought your high churchmanship had brought a Marian apparition to this humble blog. Siggghhhhh.

All kinds of speculation over at the various Trojan sites. Yeah, Oregon State's Mike Riley is mentioned, but there's also buzz about Ed Orgeron to come back and coach D with Norm Chow back for offense. Other names floating around include John Gruden (yeah, Chuckie), Steve Sarkisian to come back from Washington (highly unlikely), Bill Cowher to come out of the press booth and kick butt (kind of like calling a rector the opposite of the last one), Jack Del Rio (another "D" coach, basically), Petersen from Boise State (Offense - polar opposite), and all kinds of other names tossed in. Thing is, if there are recruiting sanctions on the way as is rumored, who wants to come coach that?

Look likes some key recruits are still coming, a few not.

This is still all in a fog of rumors.

TLF+ said...

LOL the Wishbone. It will get stuck with the name of whichever school trots it back out...

Boise State - "Here come the Broncos in that new three-legged pony set"

UCLA - "The Bruins are showing that Goldilocks/3 Bear look"

Maryland - "Oh, watch out for the Ninja Turtle shift"

Now I'm really depressed