Saturday, January 16, 2010

Please pray for our younger kid

That's our younger son, Joseph. He's autistic, and in the last year he's had an unwelcome development of seizures as well.

Over the last two weeks, meds that have worked for him in some ways seem to be working against him in others. He's been sick quite a bit. It's been hard watching him hurt.

I would ask that you remember him at the altar or wherever you might be praying this weekend. Moms - you can imagine what this does to his Mom. Extra prayers for Melissa encouraged.


David Handy+ said...

Sure, Tim. Having met your boy, I'll be happy to pray for Joseph, and of course, for Melissa too. Not to mention his older brother, and yourself. I'm sure it's hard on all of you.


The Underground Pewster said...

Prayers for Joseph and Melissa now, tonight, and at the altar.

Wilf / James said...

Will be praying!

Georgia said...

Dear Father of mercy and God of all comfort,
Please intervene and be the mediator between Joseph's system and the harsh anti-seizure medicines. Be Rapha, his healer, the One who redeems and restores. We pray Your Kingdom and Your Will be done, Your deliverance for Your beloved child. All thanks, glory and praise to You, dear Father, for Your mighty work in Joey's behalf.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

TLF+ said...

Thanks, friends, for praying - he had a deep, good night's sleep and is keeping down food and meds. Melissa is comforted by your prayers as well. God bless you all for helping with a tough weekend.

Floridian said...

Please, dear Father, Son, Holy Spirit,
Continue Your holy ministry in and for Joseph and his Father, Mother and Brother. Thank You for advocating and intervening, for Your overweaning mercies and grace upon grace. Thank You for Your provision and protection. Make the Way plain for Your holy Kingdom order and good will come and reign in every atom, molecule, chemical, structure and function of body, soul and spirit. Let their hearts be glad and respond with sacrifices thanksgiving, praise and joy for Your innumerable thoughts, immeasurable love and your mighty works in their behalf.

Let the inexplicable Holy Peace and redeeming, empowering Love of God descend and overflow into every part of each one of your beloved children.
Keep them in the constant remembrance of You and in constant abiding in You.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen