Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I hate it when I can't take any credit

Back when I was a young, promising, competent priest, I spent most of my time working with Middle and High School groups.

Long story short, one of my former youth group kids (I blessed her marriage - the couple have jobs and kids and dogs and all that these days) posted an old youth group picture on Facebook. Suddenly, I'm in touch with several of the former "kids."

David Carr is one. In a humiliating turn of events, it turns out that he is a real, published writer (not some lame blogger). Here's one of his pieces on recent sports news: CWG Magazine Sports, Guns and Being a Man

Nice quote to wrap it up:

"In the world of sports we may need some common sense training. If it works, we can farm out the sessions to the world of hip-hop. In fact, I can see a whole series of trainings available for athletes who tend to be confused about protection or what it means to be a man. The trainings could be set up like the Jeff Foxworthy gag about what it means to be a redneck. If you give 110% even when you are injured, if you rally your teammates even when you are down by thirty points with two minutes left in regulation, if you are constantly working with your coach, if you feel the need to take care of your kids and be true to your wife, if you don’t feel the need to be anywhere near trouble or guns or both; you could possibly be well on your way, to being a healthy individual, a respected athlete… and man."

UPDATE: Aw, crap, and he interviews rockers for radio stations, too. Must God continually rub my nose in my own mediocrity?


Anonymous said...

You are humble, not mediocre. You have to listen to your wife who knows you better than you do.
Respectfuly YOURS, Your Wife

TLF+ said...

Whoa! You must have great powers,
Anonymous Wife, because I seem able to get through the filters of Mr. T D***y S****** to post this!

Humble? Hardly! I take pride in all of my failure - I out-fail the best, uh, worst of them!

Just ask my non-anon wife!