Monday, January 18, 2010

Props to the Sanford ER for diagnosing our kid tonight, and to all of you who've been praying

Well, we have a diagnosis which I can't yet pronounce, let alone spell.

It took a trip to the ER (thank God for my second job & health coverage), ultrasound, CT scan... they had to rule out all kinds of internal stuff because Joey's autism doesn't lend itself to describing the kind of pain, exact location and helpful details like that.

Anyway, it is an unusual viral condition that masks as appendicitis. The Doctor said she sees it maybe four times a year. It will go away but we have to manage his pain and keep him on a pretty bland diet.

We give thanks for the diagnosis, for Dr. Sheridan and the Sanford ER staff who took our concerns seriously, and Joey's Neurologist, Dr. Bonnie Bunch (also an Episcopalian) who came buy just 'cuz she heard he was there.

The blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on you for all of your prayers - and we ask that you keep 'em up for a quick recovery.


Ralinda said...

So glad it's not seizures and it will go away. Praying for him to get well amazingly quickly!

Wilf said...

So thankful for this!

May God richly bless you all.