Friday, January 22, 2010


1) For those of you who prayed for our son! We finally had to have a battery of tests, including ultrasound and CT scan, to find out that he has a rarely seen aggravation of abdominal lymph nodes - the ER doc said she sees only about 4 cases per year.

It is treated as a virus, and the meds are giving him comfort. He made it through a whole day at school and ate a good dinner tonight. Thank you all for praying - we have diagnosis, treatment and healing.

2) For our city services in Sioux Falls. Power went out across town this afternoon, but was restored in about an hour.

Please see the previous post and pray for God's protection of communities across the Northern Plains.

3) For 22 years as a priest! (Jan. 23 is my ordination anniversary).

4) For you folks who check out the blog.