Thursday, January 28, 2010

Representative Herseth-Sandlin's response to State of the Union Address

Posted to her Facebook page. Not too different from Sen. Thune's open letter in Politico on Tuesday.


Washington, DC- Rep. Herseth Sandlin released the following statement in response to the President's State of the Union Address this evening:

"Tonight, the President rightly highlighted the critical need to get spending under control and reduce the national debt, and the importance of meeting the needs of the private sector to achieve sustainable economic growth. These are our obligations to the current generation, and the next.

"I support the President's proposals to freeze spending but we must do more, including identifying ways to cut government overspending, passing legislation requiring Congress to spend within its means and establishing an independent, bipartisan commission to address our national debt.

“As our country's economy continues to recover, bipartisan tax relief proposals for the middle class will help South Dakota families struggling to make ends meet. As the Congress and the President begin crafting the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, I hope we will see true progress in restoring fiscal discipline, getting our private sector going and meeting the needs of middle class families."

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Scott said...

I don't care one bit about what she says. I will watch what she does. It will take incredible intestinal fortitude to fight the natural tendencies of a liberal and the Stalin-like pressure of Nancy Pelosi and this White House. I hope she's smarter than Daschle who was ejected for voting with his party and against the people who elected him.