Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who said it?

"...progress, health care, and social services, together with the adult education, children's education and also tertiary education which the church brings to a people. These developments are functions of the gospel; they are products and evidence of an effective gospel ministry in any community...."

"...many Muslims... totally disagree with violence as a means of settling issues..."

", no matter how high or low, no matter of what faith or creed, should be exempt from facing the law. The national leadership should be lifted up to God, that they may rise beyond a concern for political success and seek to do good and right in all things for the benefit of all people. This is a most urgent prayer request..."

"...a large and ever-increasing army of leaderless, lawless, unemployable, unemployed, demoralized, and near hopeless youth. This, to my prophetic mind, is the big security issue..."

Was it an American denominational leader? A spokesperson for an ecumenical peace and justice committee? A religious left blogger?

How about...

Benjamin A. Kwashi, Anglican Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria.

Try to keep this in mind next time you traffic in stuff like, "Third World Christians are all emotion, no intellect." "Conservative Christians are intolerant." "Traditional Christians ignore social justice."

h/t Kendall Harmon, TitusOneNine

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